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My flat!

Since I'm sure some of you might care xP Here's where I'm living at present.

This picture basically sums up my life. Laptop, sketchbook (FFVII fanart in the works), my little notepad of doom, specs, Nintendo DS on the side, sunglasses. Teddy bear ain't mine, he belongs to the flat owner. She's left tons of crap here; she's moving back in in July. I can put up with it.

Looking out on the balcony. About the best thing she left me was the iron and ironing board.

80% of the stuff in this photo (and almost all the mess) is hers. Grr. See those carrier bags on the shelf over my suitcase, though? Pressies for folk. xP You lucky sods (well, a good few of you who I know are reading this, anyway).

The view from my balcony.

The bathroom's pretty small, but decent.

Ditto on the kitchen. (No, I haven't washed up. Hi, fatherbastard... nyeh nyeh you can't make me either. In mitigation that is just from this morning, though). Sorry for the smudge of pink at the bottom. ¬¬; I fail.

The coat, surprise surprise, is hers. ¬¬;; Anyway, we're looking up from the kitchen door towards the bedsit, here. Bathroom's to your left, the front door is on the right.

And that's it, basically. Just wanted to show off my little pad, or allay some curiousities at least. Ciao!


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May. 15th, 2007 06:16 am (UTC)
Definitely, could be way worse... it's not a bad pad, for a few weeks.

I adore my balcony. I'm not sure I can ever live somewhere without a balcony again, seriously. Ever.
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